baxb-, bhaxbh-, paxp-

baxb-, bhaxbh-, paxp-
    baxb-, bhaxbh-, paxp-
    English meaning: to swell
    Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schwellen”
    Note: (as baxmb-, s.d.)
    Material: O.Ind. pippala-ḥ “ berry, paradise fig tree “, pippalaka-ḥ “ brost nipple “. piplu-ḥ “ pimple, mole, mark on the body ("witch’s tits" - any kind of mark on the body that a witch could use to suckle a demon) “ (probably eig. “ blister, vesicle “); Lat. papula “ a pimple, vesicle “, papilla ds. “ nipple, teat, brost “; Lith. pãpas “ nipple, teat, brost, tit “, popà “ ulcer “, pupuolo “ thick bud “ (u can be Reduct.-stem to a, or assimilated in following uo, but also the root derived form pup- ). Unchanged or neologism Swe.-Nor. dial. pappe “ women’s brost “, M.Eng. pappe, Eng. pap “ nipple, teat, brost “; besides u- forms see under p(h)ū̆- “ inflate, swell “. Also besides under baba- combined babble and child words, like Eng. baby, stand M.H.G. buoben pl. “ feminine brosts “, West Flem. babbe “growth, swelling, lump “ (IE bh or in the onomatopoeic word unpostponed b) which will belong from the image of the inflated cheeks in our circle.
    References: WP. II 107.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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